Sunday, August 21, 2016

FB August 21, 2016 excerpt

Home controllers are even more messed up now than when I started the weekend. I think the Z-Wave stick on the Homeseer is bad. Ordered an upscale replacement but only have 8 days left on the Homeseer eval.
Moved UPS box sensor to the Vera Edge to try get that back online but it (and may be 1 or 2 others that replaced the Timecommander) just seem to have stopped seeing changes in the lines that are monitoring while otherwise responding fine. Yet the lines appear fine as well. Ordered a diff pro 8 input sensor block Homeseer supports but again only 8 days left to try.
Had a bunch of devices moved to the Homeseer before the device info got corrupted the first time that are still in limbo needing relinked.
So the next week is going to be REALLY jammed trying to sort if I should buy Homeseer or return a bunch of stuff and move everything back to a Vera.Tempted to just fall back to the Vera Edge (the Vera Plus still needs a reinstall) but so far the Homeseer appears to have some awesome features no other hubs have yet and other people don't seem to be seeing the issues I am so I'm hoping it is just bad hardware.

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