Saturday, November 3, 2018

Homeseer status pages

One of the cool things about Homeseer of the status pages.

There is a quick overview video on YouTube.


Watch the cursor carefully. Both icons and windows can be resized and moved.

Right clicking on an icon will get you these options
Right clicking in a window gives you these background and title options.
Lastly right clicking in the page background allows you the change the background behind the windows.

Tricks to make alignment easier. 

Default alignment can be way off so you have to go into edit mode and expand the window to find the icons. Somethings to multiples of the screen height. If you can not see all the icons in a window, drag the window as high on the pags as you can then drag the lower right corner of the window off the bottom of the screen. You should not get a scroll bar on the page. Scroll down. Repeat till all icons are visible in the window. Getting all the icons repositioned one by one can be a slow and tedious process. So far I have not found anyway to speed this up.

To move an icon a long vertical distance click and hold it while using the scroll wheel to scroll the page back up to where you need to place it. Note the icon will not redraw till you move the mouse. Move the mouse side to side to see where you are. Note page up, page down, home and end keys also work. Try them to see which works best for you.

Drag the icon all the way to the left. It will stop at the edge of the window.

With two windows aligned side by side and you can use the the special cursors near the edge to help align them vertically to each well.
There is a faint border around each icon but as you can see above it is almost impossible to see. If you can make them out though alignment can be quicker and more precise.

Be sure to click exit edit mode before leaving the page or risk losing your changes.

Just using icons you can stuff a ton of info into a very small space. For instance here is my page showing all data for my 17 UPSs.

UPS status display

Or if you use MyMonitor linked to Homeseer you can get a display like this which echos the MyMonitor GUI.
Here is my alarm setup

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