Monday, April 1, 2019

Blue Iris Homeseer link update

If you are using my linkage outlined in Triggering Homeseer from Blue Iris And are looking for way to grab the Blue Iris data for a sheet (I have a sheet that allows me to check which devices are using in events, scripts and by Blue Iris) then you might want to look at this script.

Note I have 4 servers now as I've been upgrading cams again.
Also note you will need linux or a linux command line tools package like Cygwin for this shell script

From regedit I export [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Perspective Software\Blue Iris\Cameras] to the hostname.reg in the folder with the script.

Download it from here if you have trouble copying it to a file. Change the orange bits to match your set up. Note ^M is a control M

rm -f cams.csv
echo  host,shortname,dsname,fullxres,fullyres,HS3ref,vcodec,folder,enabled,group > 
set -x
for host in BlueIris2 BlueIris3 BlueIris4 BlueIris5
iconv -f UTF-16LE -t UTF-8  ${host}.reg | grep -E "\"enabled\"|\"group\"|shortname|dsname|fullxres|fullyres|&value=3|\"vcodec\"|\"folder\"" | sed -e "s|||g" | sed -e "s|&value=3||g" > ${host}.raw
echo ======== Raw =========
cat ${host}.raw
echo ======== Raw =========
## remove unneeded stuff and add missing fields from Tinycam
cut -f2-20 -d'=' ${host}.raw | sed -e "s|^M||g" | sed -e "s|cameraId=1538607685:1\"|cameraId=1538607685:1\"\ndword:00000280\ndword:000001e0|g" | sed -e "s|dword:||g" > ${host}.tmp
echo ======== Tmp =========
cat ${host}.tmp
echo ======== Tmp =========
awk -v fmt="$host,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,\\n" '{getline b;getline c;getline d;getline e;getline f;getline g;getline h;getline i;getline j;getline k;getline l;getline m;getline n;getline o;getline p;getline q;getline r;printf(fmt,c,d,e,f,g,h,$0,p,q,r,b)}' ${host}.tmp 2>&1 >> cams.csv
echo ======== Cams =========
cat cams.csv

It outputs cams.csv which Excel and such can open as a sheet. I uploaded an example here.

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